Greetings my dearest Gothlings!


Welcome to New Goth City! Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sir William Welles and I am the creator of this most darkly informative of websites which caters to the wonderful Goth lifestyle and culture. I started the New Goth City project on September 13th in 2007 and concentrated on the greater N.Y.C. metro area for exactly six years until 2013 when I took a bold decision to expand the New Goth City realm to include all of the continental United States!


The necessity for a website such as this one was born when I discovered that those in the Goth scene weren't able to follow what was the next great party or event simply because they were unable to pick up or find a flyer left about at a nightclub the night before. There were some Goth scene information websites in New York City, but they were terribly out-dated by at least four years. I was hearing increasing complaints by many individuals in the scene about this very lack of information, mainly because it is considered an underground and alternative scene. That is when I took it on myself to compile a circle of contacts within the Goth community that would send me their event information and I would highlight it in a simple chronological roster of dark happenings across the five boroughs and surrounding cities. 


Six years later, New Goth City has become an invaluable tool for not only those who lived in the N.Y.C. area but especially for those who were visiting from other states in the U.S. and from other countries who were very excited to mingle with like-minded people during their trip. If you have ever travelled to another city and tried to search for a popular Goth party, clothing store, or a spooky sightseeing attraction, even with the aid of the Internet, then you must know the level of frustration it is to find updated and correct information to help you find a Goth scene activity. This is what provides, now on a nationwide scale!


As always, this service is free for all users seeking information within the cities they live in or plan to visit. To list an event or an establishment on requires a very small and super affordable fee to be listed on a nationwide format that reaches global scales. To learn more about listing rates and how to submit event/establishment information to this site, click here.


As a member of your Goth scene and a user, I urge you to use this website often as well as letting others in your scene know about New Goth City and to participate in making this site complete and up-to-date as much as possible. America is a very large place and my plan, with this website, is to create a defined nationwide Gothic scene comprised by many scenes, large & small, in various cities and states from Alabama to Wyoming.


If you have any comments, suggestions, and/or questions, you are always welcome to contact me via email at As I said before, this is a large and very diverse nation, and I am asking for your help and support to elevate and maintain our unique sense of music, art, fashion, pleasure, and pride of who & what we are...GOTHS!!!



See you in the Dark!

Sir William Welles


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