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Location: 2631 N. Johnson Road    map & directions
What to expect: What is THE THING? You will have to travel out there to find out for yourself! Located off of Exit 322 on Interstate 10, about 17 miles East of Benson, this Americana roadside attraction at its best!

Location: Bucket Of Blood Street    map & directions
What to expect: Ok...this one is a little tricky to explain. In the town of Holbrook, Arizona, if you should ever find yourself there, lies a small street oddly named Bucket Of Blood Street. This street also holds the historic landmark ruins of Bucket Of Blood Saloon. The story behind this states that back in the 1880's, at this site, two rival cowboy gangs got into a shootout in the saloon which led to many, many deaths, and it was said that the floors were slick with a bucket of blood...hence the name stuck.

Location: 444 N. Central Avenue     map & directions
What to expect: "Her Secret is Patience, the 145-ft-tall aerial sculpture in Phoenix, Arizona, is a new civic icon hailed for contributing to the revitalization of downtown. Suspended above the new 2-city block Civic Space Park, the sculpture is monumental yet soft, fixed in place but constantly in motion, it dances gently in the air, choreographed by the flux of desert winds. [sic] At night, the illumination changes color gradually through the seasons. The goal in selecting the colors is to provide residents some small climate relief through color, adding cool hues in summer, and warm tones in winter. The lighting design also changes what portion of the sculpture is illuminated, leaving parts obscured in mystery, much like the phases of the moon."

Location: Arizona Canal Trail, Paradise Valley     map & directions
What to expect: If you want to witness approx. 10,000 - 20,000 cute Mexican Free-Tailed bats swarm in the summer evening sky during their annual migratory “pit-stop” from Mexico, then find yourself at the intersection of North 40th Street & East Camelback Road and follow the Canal trail… “Head west on the path about 200 yards (past buildings and parking garage). You will see the flood control channel just north of the canal. Head north about 20 feet from the gravel path to the paved path. The paved path will take you to the top of the tunnel (you'll see bat-watching information signs posted here), and you can look over as the bats fly out of the tunnel. They exit the tunnel just after sunset each night (total exit time; approximately 45 minutes) throughout the summer months (May through October).”

Location: 1625 North Central Avenue     map & directions
Telephone: 602-257-1880
What to expect: "Yayoi Kusama’s You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies (2005) is one of the artist's more whimsical works. Inspired by a Japanese folk tale about a person in a field with 10,000 fireflies, Kusama's work brings the fairy tale to life. An installation at Phoenix Art Museum since 2005, the piece is a dark room lined with mirrors on every surface and strands of looping LED lighting suspended from the ceiling. This deceptively small room feels as if it’s a vast, infinite galaxy of lighting and allows the viewer to enter and be surrounded, or obliterated by Kusama’s fireflies."

Location: 5032 N. Central Avenue     map & directions
Telephone: 602-314-4346
What to expect: "Located in downtown Phoenix, Curious Nature is a fine science and natural history emporium for all things fantastic and strange. From ethically sourced taxidermy, skulls, and bones, to exotic plants, collectibles, and gifts, our store offers an ever-changing assortment of oddities and museum quality specimens. Whether you're starting a new collection, or are a life-long enthusiast of all things unique, there’s something new for everyone to discover."

Location: 408 Arizona Highway 80    map & directions
What to expect: A historically restored graveyard accurately depicting life, and death, in the old West..and with a grain of dark humor as well! Seeing that the town of Tombstone was the location of the legendary Gunfight at the O.K. Coral, there sure is a lot of history to soak up here!

Location: 118 S. 4th Street    map & directions
Telephone: 520-457-3326
What to expect: Even though the town of Tombstone seems to be all about the Wild West, saloon girls, and gun slingers, at this location you will witness the world's largest singular rose bush. This rose bush is, in fact, so big that it has literally become a tree since it was first planted in 1885 and now covers a space of nearly 5,000 feet!!! To see this amazing display in full bloom, you will need to schedule your visit in late February to early May.

Location: 427 N. 4th Avenue     map & directions
Telephone: 520-792-3343
What to expect: Specializing in Nerdy, Goth, and Pin-Up clothing and accessories, this establishment, run by Lauren Baker and Rachel Balls, is home to an extraordinary selection! While, at first glance, this store seems to be wildly colorful and a Rockabilly's wet dream come true, be sure to further explore their darker, yet fun, collection!
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