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Location: 575 7th Street NW (Btw. E and F Sts.)   click for map & directions

Hours: Varied Times -- Click here for full schedule

Admission Price: Varied Prices -- Click here for admission/tour prices

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.crimemuseum.org  

What to expect: Described by Good Morning America as a "must see for CSI fans," this museum includes a crime lab and the filming studios for America's Most Wanted. A simulated shooting range, high-speed police-chase, and hundreds of interactives and artifacts pertaining to America's favorite subject.

Nearest Metro:



Location: M Street NW (@ 36th Street NW), Georgetown   click for map & directions

What to expect: Georgetown University and the cobbled Washington, DC, streets that surround it serve as the primary setting for the classic horror book and film "The Exorcist." One peculiar architectural feature that has become a tourist attraction is an extremely long stone staircase that connect the university campus with the commercial strip of M Street. Known as "The Exorcist Stairs," many fans of the movie make a pilgrimage to these steep stairs, especially around Halloween.

Nearest Metro:



Location: 92 2nd Street (Btw. Spring & Borden Sts.)   click for map & directions

Tour Hours: Open seven days a week from 11am - 3pm

Tour Price: Adults: $15.00   Kids (under 15): $8.00   Seniors (65+)/Students: $12.50

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.lizzie-borden.com  

What to expect: The Borden home in Fall River, Massachusetts, has been a landmark since the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden on Aug. 4, 1892. Erected in 1845, the Greek Revival house was originally a two-family residence. Andrew Borden later converted it to a single-family dwelling. Since the killings, the house has most often been a private residence. Today, it serves as a bed and breakfast and a museum.



Location: Charter Street  click for map & directions

Hours: Open seven days a week from dusk till dawn

Age Restriction: All Ages

Admission Price: FREE

Official Website: www.salemweb.com  

What to expect: The oldest cemetery in Salem. Contains the graves of a Mayflower pilgrim and witchcraft trial judge John Hathorne. From the cemetery, you can wander into the area designated as the Witch Trials Memorial and reflect on the people from Salem's past remembered here.




Location: 288 Derby Street (@ Liberty St.)   click for map & directions

Hours: Jan. - Mar.: 11am - 4pm / Apr. - Jun.: 10am - 6pm / Jul. & Aug.: 10am - 9pm

          Sept: 10am - 9pm / October: Extended Hours / Nov. & Dec.: 10am - 5pm

Admission Price: Adults: $8.00   Kids (6 - 13)/Seniors (65+): $6.00

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.salemwaxmuseum.com  

What to expect: This compelling museum is composed of eerily life-like London made wax figures that depict Salem's vivid history from its founding in 1626 through the terrifying Hysteria of 1692. Come face to face with such notable Salem figures as the famed author of The Scarlet Letter and The House of Seven Gables - Nathaniel Hawthorne, the pirates of New England, the merciless Witch Trials judge Colonel John Hawthorne, and Tituba the accused " witch " who helped fuel the hysteria of 1692 - just to name a few!



Location: 19 N. Washington Square (Btw. Kimball Ct. & Williams St.)   click for map & directions

Hours: Open seven days a week from 10am - 5pm   In July & August  10am - 7pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Admission Price: Adults: $9.50   Kids (6 - 14): $6.50   Seniors (65+): $8.00

Official Website: www.salemwitchmuseum.com  

What to expect: The Salem Witch Museum brings you back to 1692 Salem. Experience the drama of history in life-size stage sets, figures, lighting and a stirring narration. Live guides take you through changing interpretations of witches, the truth behind the stereotypes, witchcraft practice today and the frightening phenomenon of witch hunting.



Location: 310 Essex Street (@ North St.)   click for map & directions

Tour Hours: Open seven days a week, May through November, from 10am - 5pm

Tour Price: Guided tours: Adults: $10.25   Kids (7 - 14): $6.25   Seniors (65+): $8.25

                Self guided tours: Adults: $8.25   Kids (6 - 14): $4.25   Seniors (65+): $6.25

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.salemweb.com/witchhouse  

What to expect: The Witch House, home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, is the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the Witchcraft Trials of 1692. As a local magistrate and civic leader, Corwin was called upon to investigate the claims of diabolical activity when a surge of witchcraft accusations arose in Salem and neighboring communities. He served on the Court of Oyer and Terminer, which ultimately sent nineteen to the gallows. All nineteen refused to admit to witchcraft and maintained their innocence. Today, Witch House tours blend information about seventeenth-century lifestyles, furnishings, and architecture with fascinating insights into the events of 1692. Visitors gain a deeper comprehension of the lives of those involved in the Witchcraft Trials through examination of the material culture of the period.



Location: 672 Stevens Avenue (Btw. Elmwood & Walton Sts.)   click for map & directions

Hours: May thru October 7:00am - 6:30pm // November thru April 7:00am- 4:30pm

Admission Price: FREE

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.friendsofevergreen.org  

What to expect: Join generations of Portlanders who have enjoyed the quiet beauty of Evergreen's monuments, tree-lined paths, scenic vistas, ponds and hiking trails since the late 1800s.



Location: 203 N. Amity Street (@ W. Lexington St.)   click for map & directions

Hours: Saturdays & Sundays: 12pm - 4pm

Admission Price: $5.00 for adults    $3.00 for seniors (65+)   FREE for children under 12

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.poeinbaltimore.org  

What to expect: Poe’s home is in an excellent state of preservation with much of the exterior and interior original fabric from the 1833-1835 period when Edgar lived there with his aunt, grandmother and two cousins. While the house is not furnished, visitors walk on the same floors, stairs and wander within the original plaster walls and woodwork that Edgar lived with. Exhibits tell the story of Edgar Allan Poe’s life and death in Baltimore and significant artifacts such as Edgar’s portable writing desk and chair, and a telescope, china and glassware used by Edgar when living with the Allan family in Richmond, Virginia. Changing exhibits and tours are scheduled from time to time.



Location: 112 Ocean Avenue (@ S. Ireland Pl.)   click for map & directions

What to expect: In December 1975, George and Kathy Lutz and their three children moved into 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house in Amityville, a suburban neighborhood located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutzes moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. had shot and killed six members of his family at the house. After 28 days, the Lutzes left the house, claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there.



Location: The Great Lawn in Central Park, Manhattan   click for map & directions

Hours: Open seven days a week from 10am - 5pm

Admission Price: FREE

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.centralparknyc.org  

What to expect: Belvedere Castle was a Victorian folly. Calvert Vaux, co-designer of Central Park, created the miniature castle in 1869 as one of its many whimsical structures intended as a lookout to the reservoir to the north (now the Great Lawn) and the Ramble to the south.

Nearest Subway:



Location: 2640 Grand Concourse (@ Kingsbridge Rd.), Bronx   click for map & directions

Hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 10am - 3pm    Saturdays: 10am - 4pm    Sundays: 1pm - 5pm

Admission Price: Adults: $5.00   Kids/Students/Seniors (65+): $3.00

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.bronxhistoricalsociety.org/poe-cottage  

What to expect: Edgar Allan Poe spent the last years of his life, from 1846 to 1849, in The Bronx at Poe Cottage, now located at Kingsbridge Road and the Grand Concourse. A small wooden farmhouse built about 1812, the cottage once commanded unobstructed vistas over the rolling Bronx hills to the shores of Long Island. It was a bucolic setting in which the great writer penned many of his most enduring poetical works, including “Annabel Lee,” “The Bells” and “Eureka.” Administered by The Bronx County Historical Society since 1975, the cottage is restored to its original appearance, with authentic period furnishings. A film presentation and guided tour help bring Poe Cottage to life.

Nearest Subway:


@ Machpelah Cemetery


Location: 8230 Cypress Hills Street, Queens   click for map & directions

Hours: Open seven days a week during daylight hours

Admission Price: FREE!!!

Age Restriction: All Ages

What to expect: Houdini’s funeral was held on November 4, 1926 in New York with more than 2,000 mourners in attendance. He was buried in Queens New York at the Machpelah Cemetery with the crest of the Society of American Magicians inscribed on his grave. In fact, the Society continues to hold its “Broken Wand” ceremony every Halloween at Houdini’s gravesite.

Nearest Subway:



Location: 29 East 4th Street (Btw. Wooster & Greene Sts.), Manhattan   click for map & directions

Hours: Monday, Thursday - Sunday: 12pm - 5pm (closed Tuesday & Wednesday)

Admission Price: General: $13.00  Students & Seniors (65+): $8.00  FREE for MHM members & children under 12

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.merchantshouse.org  

What to expect: The Merchant’s House was built in 1832 and purchased by Seabury Tredwell, a prosperous New York City hardware merchant, in 1835. The Tredwell family continued to live in the house for nearly 100 years. The period rooms on four floors are furnished with the family’s original furnishings dating from 1835-1865. See how a wealthy family and their four Irish servants lived in mid-19th century New York.

Nearest Subway:



Location: 74 Trinity Pl. (Broadway & Wall St.), Manhattan   click for map & directions

Hours: Open seven days a week from 9am - 4pm

Admission Price: FREE

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.trinitywallstreet.org  

What to expect: Trinity Church is one of the oldest churches in the United States. The city of New York was just beginning to flourish in 1697 when Trinity Church received its founding charter. This charter was issued in the name of King William III in response to the Anglican colonists' eagerness to build a church to call their own. The Church was to function in accordance with the Church of England, and an annual rent of one peppercorn was required to the crown.

Nearest Subway:






Location: 540 N. Broadway (Btw. Farrington & Harwood Aves.)   click for map & directions

Hours: Monday to Friday from 8am - 4:30pm  Saturday & Sunday  8:30am - 4:30pm

Admission Price: FREE

Walking Tour Price: Two hour tour: $19.99  One hour tour: $9.99   Advanced tickets required

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.sleepyhollowcemetery.org  

What to expect: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, New York, is the resting place of numerous famous figures, including Washington Irving, whose story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is set in the adjacent Old Dutch Burying Ground.



Location: 2027 Fairmount Avenue (Btw. N. 22nd St. & Corinthian Ave.)   click for map & directions

Tour Hours: Open seven days a week from 10am - 5pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Admission Price: Adults: $14.00   Kids/Students : $10.00   Seniors (65+): $12.00

Official Website: www.easternstate.org  

What to expect: Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers. Known for its grand architecture and strict discipline, this was the world’s first true “penitentiary,” a prison designed to inspire penitence, or true regret, in the hearts of convicts. Its vaulted, sky-lit cells once held many of America’s most notorious criminals, including bank robber “Slick Willie” Sutton and Al Capone. Many people believe that Eastern State Penitentiary is haunted. As early as the 1940s, officers and inmates reported mysterious visions and eerie experiences in the ancient prison. 



Location: 19 S. 22nd Street (@ Ludlow St.)   click for map & directions

Hours: Open seven days a week from 10am - 5pm

Age Restriction: All Ages

Admission Price: Adults: $16.00   Kids/Students (6 - 17): $11.00   Seniors (65+): $14.00

Official Website: www.collegeofphysicians.org/mutter-museum  

What to expect: America's finest museum of medical history, the Mütter displays its beautifully preserved collections of anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments in a 19th century "cabinet museum" setting. The goal of the Museum is to help the public understand the mysteries and beauty of the human body while appreciating the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease. 




Location: 412 S. Cherry Street  click for map & directions

Hours: Open Daily 8am - 5pm  

Age Restriction: All Ages

Admission Price: FREE

Official Website: www.hollywoodcemetery.org  

What to expect: Hollywood Cemetery is one of Richmond's major tourist attractions. There are many local legends surrounding certain tombs and grave sites in the cemetery, including one about a little girl and the black iron statue of a dog standing watch over her grave. Other notable legends rely on ghosts haunting the many mausoleums. One of the most well-known of these is the legend of the Richmond Vampire. A place rich in history, legend, and gothic landscape, Hollywood Cemetery is also frequented by many of the local students attending Virginia Commonwealth University.



Location: 200 North Main Street (@ Bosworth St.)   click for map & directions

Hours: Saturdays & Sundays: 12pm - 4pm

Admission Price: TBD

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.philippi.org  

What to expect: The world famous Philippi Mummies are on exhibit at The Barbour County Historical Museum. For over 100 years they were known as the "Hamrick Mummies" - named after their preserver, Graham Hamrick, a Barbour County native and resident. As an attraction with P.T. Barnum's Circus in the late 1800's, the mummies have been displayed and toured at fairs and shows all across North America and even parts of Europe. They now rest in Philippi. The mummies are an exciting and memorable attraction that you will not want to miss.



Location: 71 Asylum Drive (@ S. River Ave.)  click for map & directions

Tour Hours: Varied  click here for complete information 

Admission Price: TBD

Age Restriction: All Ages

Official Website: www.trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com  

What to expect: Formerly known as the Weston State Hospital, this West Virginia facility served as a sanctuary for the mentally ill in the mid-1800’s. The history of the building holds fascinating stories of Civil War raids, a gold robbery, the "curative" effects of architecture, and the efforts of determined individuals to help better the lives of the mentally ill. Tour this nationally recognized landmark and see how it left a lasting impression on local and national history.



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