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Location: 18113 Upper Hoh Road (Olympic National Park)     map & directions
What to expect: Do you want to take a stroll in an enchanted forest and feel like you are in a fantasy movie like Legend or Labyrinth? Then trek out to the tippity-tip of the continetal United States to Olympic National Park and find your way to the Hall of Mosses, and discover a moss filled wonderland and be prepared to be amazed by the beauty of this remaining example of temperate rainforests in the United States.

Location: Troll Avenue N (underneath the Freemont Bridge)      map & directions
What to expect: In 1990, after winning an arts council competion, 4 local artists created an 18 foot tall cemet troll that clutches an old Volkswagen car encased in concrete.

Location: 2220 NW Market Street    map & directions
Telephone: 206-329-1794
What to expect: "The Seattle Metaphysical Library (legally known as the AS-YOU-LIKE-IT Library) was established in Seattle in 1961.We have grown over the past five decades to hold over 14,000 books plus many hundreds of audio and video tapes, CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspaper clippings on a variety of metaphysical and spiritual topics, as well as material selected to help remove the Veil of Maya - the veil of illusion - from our eyes. We are an independent resource center providing esoteric and alternative material and events to support personal growth to enhance our understanding of ourselves, the universe and our place in it. We are open to the public. There is no charge for browsing the materials or reading at our location. Operating expenses are paid for by our members, who are able to borrow material."

Location: Pioneer Square      map & directions
What to expect: Historic downtown Seattle actually hides the forgotten past of its origins underground after a massive fire in 1889 forced the city to make the decision to raise the street level when rebuilding. What is left is an intricate series of subterranean passages that were once the cities main roadways and the once firstfloor storefronts. This underground network is open to visitors by joining guided walking tours. If interested, check out Bill Speidel's Underground Tour.

Location: 1001 Alaskan Way    map & directions
Telephone: 206-682-5844
What to expect: Open since 1899, the ongoing stewardship of Standley’s family has brought shrunken heads, mummies, natural oddities, taxidermy treasures and manmade wonders from all over the world into the shop. Part store, part's not to be missed if visiting Seattle!!!
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