At New Goth City, our mission is to promote and maintain all local Goth communities across America! One of the many ways that we are achieving this goal is to exclusively sell our popular merchandise at wholesale prices to actual Goth & Alt retail stores and vendors to increase more physical customer in-store visits rather than sell stuff online. We want people in these Goth communities and scenes to literally meet and know each other! We want our fans to be fans of their local Goth/Alt businesses as well as those that visit while traveling in the Untied States. This is a win-win for everyone…a network to bring support for New Goth City, profits and publicity for Goth businesses, and cool merchandise for loyal Goth fans!!!

See our New Goth City R.I.P. pin promo page for even more information about how your business can be even a bigger part of you local Goth community!!!


• Jewelry quality collectable Cloisonné pins.
• 1" in diameter.
• Locking deluxe clutch.
• Mounted on a coffin shaped instruction card.
• Individually wrapped in clear polypropylene "cello" bags.
• FREE USPS Priority mail shipping in the continental United States.
• Available to purchase in quantities of: 10/25/50/75/100/150/200.
• $15.00 suggested retail price.
• In extremely high demand due to the R.I.P. Pin Goth community promo!!!

• PLUS!!! Your retail store will also be prominently featured on your State's shopping section
   throughout the New Goth City website to draw more customers from within the Goth scene!

(* There is no need to be a member of Paypal to make a purchase. 
Charges on your credit/debit card be made out to Welles Entertainment, LLC, New Goth City's parent company.)

  • 10 R.I.P. pins ($8.00 each) for $80.00
  • 25 R.I.P. pins ($7.75 each) for $193.75
  • 50 R.I.P. pins ($7.50 each) for $375.00
  • 75 R.I.P. pins ($7.25 each) for $543.75
  • 100 R.I.P. pins ($7.00 each) for $700.00
  • 150 R.I.P. pins ($6.50 each) for $975.00
  • 200 R.I.P. pins ($6.00 each) for $1200.00
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